Best Time of Year to Visit Emiliana Organic Vineyard in Chile for Wine Tasting

Life’s simple pleasures are the most rewarding. Relaxing on a park bench on a beautiful day, listening to autumn leaves crunch under your feet, sitting by a fire and watching snow fall…each of these is magical in its own way. Visiting Emiliana Organic Vineyard during peak season is another to add to the list.

Emiliana Organic Vineyard | Natura Wines


A Full Sensory Experience

If you’ve never been on a vineyard tour, you don’t realize the beauty and serenity that such a place can offer. It’s a feast for the senses, with sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that can only be found at a winery.

Chile’s Emiliana Organic Vineyard is such a place. Picture rolling fields of grapevines shooting out of fertile soil, friendly animals who call the vineyard home, all set against a background of towering green mountains. With premium tour offerings, visitors can indulge their senses as they take in the natural scenery and experience the behind-the-scenes processes of expert winemaking.

The summer months of December through March offer the most for visitors, who start the tour with a peaceful garden walk featuring a variety of plants and animals. From there, guests head to the vineyard, where they learn about the natural elements necessary for producing premium wines. The tour finishes in the cellar, where more winemaking principles are shared, along with a tasting of some of the best wines available, including crisp, elegant Natura wines.

Chile has so much to offer to visitors, and Emiliana Organic Vineyard is one of the hidden gems. If you’re in the country between December and March, scheduling a tasting to enjoy a selection of Natura wines and other vintages is a must. The tour and tasting experience combines everything you need for a perfect day – relaxation, beautiful surroundings, great people, a little bit of learning, and of course, fabulous wine.