Best Places to See Wildflowers in the U.S.

Wildflowers are some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts, and as their name implies, they’re wonderfully untamed. The U.S. has some of the most spectacular spots for taking in these gorgeous specimens.

Wildflowers Green Wine | Natura Wines

So pack up a picnic (don’t forget your favorite green wine), load up the car and hit the open road to check out the wildflowers!

  1. Antelope Valley, California: The California poppy is the official state flower of California, and Antelope Valley in the Mojave Desert is the best place to see them in abundance. In fact, this is the largest and most consistent bloom of this species. Each spring, the desert explodes into a sea of orange. Make it even more memorable by packing a bottle of Natura wine and toasting the wildflowers!
  2. Crested Butte, Colorado: Head east to Gunnison National Forest in Crested Butte, Colorado. From June to August, the area is ablaze with all sorts of flowers, like lillies and little pink elephant heads. The flowers are so abundant here that there’s even a festival dedicated to them, with guided hikes and other events to celebrate the bounty of the season.
  3. Hill Country, Texas: Texas is known for lots of things, but some of its best attributes are its bluebonnets. These deep blue-violet blooms can be found throughout central and southern Texas, but Hill Country is where you’ll get the best views. For a real treat, take Farm Road 1323, where you’ll see an exceptional display of bluebonnets and other wildflowers, too.
  4. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington: Mount Rainier National Park has some spectacular features, and one of these is its stunning mix of native wildflowers. Late summer is the best time to catch of glimpse of the more than 100 varieties of flowers that dot subalpine meadows, with colors ranging from deep reds to intense yellows and violets. Late summer is also a great time to sip chilled Natura wine. (Green wine – how apropos for wildflower viewing!)
  5. Sugar Hill, New Hampshire: Each June, this New England location is where you’ll find fields chock-full of gorgeous lupines. These purple and pink flowers are a major point of pride for the town of Sugar Hill, which hosts events celebrating the wildflower for the entire month. Artists, naturalists, musicians and plenty of others come to town to take in the sights and share in this annual gift.

The untamed beauty of wildflowers makes them exceptional gifts that we can all appreciate. Before making a trip to any of these locations, or to any other place you’ve heard about, check the bloom status to make sure the flowers are in full force before you go.

From wildflowers to green wine, Mother Nature sure provides us with a full bounty!