What Is Biodynamic Wine?

You can be forgiven for not understanding what biodynamic wine is. Even if you’re someone who enjoys exploring the wide world of wine, the term can be a bit confusing. The truth is, however, it is one of the hottest trends in the wine world and is not only beneficial for the environment, it’s absolutely delicious as well.

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Biodynamic wine is the term given for varietals produced by a vineyard that has created a sustainable ecosystem. Instead of “treating” the vines and the grapes with harsh, toxic chemicals, the winemakers allow nature to do all of the work. For example, sheep may be left to roam throughout the vineyard plots. This not only helps to contain the weeds it also helps to fertilize the vines. Ducks may also be seen wandering the grounds which helps to keep the bugs to a minimum.

There are four different types of days the farmers need to follow: root days, flower days, fruit days and leaf days. Each of these days has specific tasks that must be completed during these days. Root days are when the pruning should take place, flower days are when it’s best to leave the vineyard alone, fruit days are when it’s best to harvest, and on leaf days the plants should be watered.

By allowing the land to work as it does naturally, and allowing the animals to fertilize it and rid it of the bugs, it leaves the farmland not only as good as it was before it was being used for grape-growing, it leaves it even richer. But does biodynamic wine taste different? Yes! The best biodynamic wine tastes pure, clean, refreshing – and simply amazing. Enjoy a glass of the best biodynamic wine today (obviously, we’re partial to Natura); you’ll immediately smell, feel, taste, and savor the difference.