7 Places You Can Take Natura Wine in the US

In many countries, taking a leisurely stroll while sipping on some dessert wine is a great way to spend an evening. In the United States, however, you’d be breaking the open-container law. Our American values of freedom and independence would not be honored if we didn’t have a few exceptions to the rules, right?  

Here are some places you can enjoy the sights – and the tastes:

  1. Hood River, Oregon. Explore the gigantic Cascade Mountain Range and the beautiful Columbia River in Hood River, all while enjoying some Natura Wine.
  2. Pure Wine |Natura WinesSonoma, California. Take your wine with you as you discover the many art galleries and famous farmer’s markets. This area is rich with vineyards, so it makes sense that you would be able to enjoy some wine wherever you go.  
Pure Wines | Natura
  1. Savannah, Georgia. This beautiful coastal town is known for its magnolia blossoms and its moss-covered oak trees. Enjoy these sights while riding in horse-drawn carriage and toasting your travel partner with some Natura Wine.
Green Wines | Natura Wines
  1. Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course Las Vegas would make the list. Sin City practically encourages drinking  – as long as it’s not in a glass container.
Sustainable Wine | Natura
  1. Fredericksburg, Texas. This historic town allows beer and wine to be enjoyed in its cute shopping district.
Sustainable Wines |Natura Wines
  1. Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is free of Tennessee’s ban on open containers in public. You can listen to blues bands that are on each corner and drink some Pure Wine with your barbecue wings.
Natura Cabernet | Natura Wines
  1. New Orleans, Louisiana. As long as it’s not in a glass, you can take drinks pretty much anywhere in New Orleans. In the Big Easy, a vibrant night life, intersecting cultures, and amazing music scene are all complemented best with Natura Wines that you can bring right into any street party.

Organic Wine |Natura Wine
Far away from these wonderful locales? Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine in the comfort of your own home – while you’re planning a trip to Vegas, New Orleans, or Hood River!