5 Tips for Choosing a Hiking Partner

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Choosing a hiking partner is a lot like choosing the right healthy wine for your meal (or the right meal for your wine!). You need to pair up with someone with whom you’re compatible, someone who complements your strengths and makes the entire experience more enjoyable. Some tips to ensure your next adventure is amazing:

    1. Their fitness level is comparable to yours. When hiking with a partner, the basic premise is that you’ll be hiking together. If you have vastly different fitness levels and pacing, togetherness may be a challenge. One hiker will have to move slower than they like, and the other struggles to keep up. This is no fun for anyone, so try to match fitness levels and abilities.
    1. They have similar expectations about hiking. What constitutes a “great hike” in your mind? Whatever it is, it’s best to partner up with someone who has similar ideas.  If you’re into leisurely hikes where taking in the scenery is the top priority, but your partner is all about finishing as quickly as possible, then you both may wind up dissatisfied with the experience.
    1. You can trust them. Mutual trust is critical for any partnership. Between unpredictable weather and the potential for injuries, even simple hikes can be risky. You want someone at your side who you can count on if things go south.
    1. You enjoy their company. This doesn’t really need explaining, now does it? Obviously, you’re going to be spending time with this person, so pick someone you like!
  1. They know that a delicious glass of organic wine is the perfect end to any hike! You know what they say about having common interests – it’s important for any partnership! If the idea of a perfect evening involves enjoying a tasty glass of healthy wine, you’ll enjoy it even more if your partner is sipping along beside you.

Here’s to a great – and active – partnership!