5 Things to Do Every Day — For You

Taking time just for you — doing things just for you — is not selfish. It is an essential step towards health and wellbeing. There’s only so much you can give, only so much you can do, before you must replenish your own reserves. Here are five ways to do that, every day.

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  • Get your daily dose of “outdoorphins.” Whether you find lovely countryside out your door or a cityscape, take time to go outside. The fresh air and elements are healing. Incorporate some exercise for an added boost of feel-goods and health: take a brisk walk, bike to work, having a walking lunch to catch up with a friend. Find ways to get out!
  • Eat beautifully and well. Nourish your body and soul. When possible, opt for minimally processed items, fresh, local foods, and organic Natura wines. Don’t treat clean eating as something you “have” to do; consider a gift (a delicious gift at that) you are giving yourself. Your body will feel better, stronger — and so will your mind.
  • Be still. Take time to do nothing. Ahhh. Get off the treadmill of life and just be still. This is time you can use to journal, meditate, pray, or simply sit and think — or better yet, not think! Take five minutes, then ten… Just do it every day.
  • Play! Have fun. Whether it’s margaritas with the girls, a trip to the ballgame, dancing around your living room, or a game of fetch with your dog, do something you enjoy. It can be as simple and (cheap!) as you like. Laughter reduces stress and alleviates its many negative consequences, and smiling can retrain your brain to think more positively.
  • Create. Make something. Research shows that making something by hand benefits mental health. If you want to get two birds with one stone, take the opportunity to make yourself a gorgeous meal. For example, prepare almond-crusted tilapia, lightly sautéed green beans, and a salad of fresh greens and herbs. Pair with a healthy wine, such as Natura Chardonnay to enhance the wonderful flavors, and enjoy a meal that will do your body and mind good.

What will you do for yourself today?