5 Most “Instagram-able” National Parks

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Millions of people flock to our National Parks each year – but you’ll find the abundant solace and peace you crave. Whether you  want to hike, camp, sample the area’s unique organic wine, or simply tour the area with your camera at the ready, here are just a few parks that’ll make you the envy of Instagram.

    1. Yosemite – Located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite is perhaps best known for El Capitan. This towering 3000’ rock formation is one of the most challenging climbs in the world. While there, check out Half Dome, ancient sequoias, waterfalls, and many more natural wonders.
    1. Yellowstone – This Wyoming gem is situated atop an ancient volcano, which responsible for the Park’s most famous attribute, Old Faithful. Other notable features include geysers and hot springs, deep canyons and gorges, lush forests and alpine rivers. Tons of animal species also call Yellowstone home, making for exciting photo opps.
    1. Grand Canyon – As you take in the sheer size and depth of the Grand Canyon, not to mention the stunning array of colors, the feeling of awe that comes over you is indescribable. The Canyon is nearly a mile deep, with the Colorado River gracefully winding its way through the gorge for more than 250 miles. Awe awaits.
    1. Acadia – Rugged Maine is home to Acadia National Park, where you’ll find rocky beaches, beautiful woodlands, and towering granite peaks. There’s so much diversity here; in addition to the array of landscapes, you’ll find a wide variety of plant and animals species.
  1. Rocky Mountain – Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is, in a word, extraordinary.  Gorgeous any time of year, most tourists plan spring and fall visits when snow doesn’t obstruct the roads and trails. There are several notable peaks, and the mountain streams and diverse plant and animal life make for fabulous photo opportunities.

These parks demonstrate Mother Nature’s grandeur and each is worthy of taking center stage on your Instagram account. Visit, take plenty of pics, and then go home and reminisce (with a glass of organic wine, of course!) while planning your next adventure!