5​ ​Best​ ​Places​ ​to​ ​See​ ​Snow​ ​This​ ​Winter

There is nothing quite like taking a quiet walk while the snow is falling. The white blankets envelope you and invite you to self reflect. Maybe snow makes you nostalgic for childhood sledding fun, or maybe it make you itch to get on the slopes. Regardless, we can all agree that the holidays are never the same without snow! These five winter wonderlands deliver:

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  1. Try Oregon’s own Mount Bachelor. This snowy paradise boasts amazing views and abundant opportunities for adventure. Skiing is just one option: snow tube, snowshoe, and indulge in the hot apres scene. Oregon is renowned for its sustainable wines, and now is the time to explore the tastes!
  2. If you are outdoorsy, Lake Tahoe is a perfect place to see the snow. Hike to various beaches and enjoy the wildlife. Powder-chasers will be thrilled with the conditions; Lake Tahoe boasts over 300 sunny days a year. Beware of goggle tan, and don’t forget to reward your hard work with a glass of smooth organic wine.
  3. Enjoy miles of hiking trails leading to Niagara Falls. This beautiful waterfall freezes in the winter, and the resulting ice mass and mist is simply gorgeous.
  4. You will think you stepped into Narnia at Utah’s Bryce Canyon. This destination is unique because of its hoodoos (rock formations) that are especially breathtaking during sunset. This is a unique and unforgettable holiday spot!
  5. Lake Haiyaha in Colorado freezes in the winter, and the quiet magic of the lake is preserved and available for snowshoe tours. A waterfall and amazing hiking trails make this a truly magical spot.

Enjoying sustainable wines (we recommend a festive red to keep you warm!) is a great way to thank nature for the bounty– and gorgeous snow– it provides. Respect your body and Mother Nature by drinking organically grown wine this holiday season.