4 Outdoor Spring Activities to Try with Organic Wine

The weather is (finally!) warming up and everything’s turning green. Now that nature has essentially woken up, it’s time to take advantage of the longer, sunnier days by heading outdoors minus the heavy coats and enjoying the warm sunshine on your face. Here are some of the outdoor activities we’re looking forward to in the next few months!


Camping in the spring months can be a great experience, thanks to the contrast of balmy daytime temperatures and brisk nighttime air. Spend your days hiking, and once the sun sets, change into something a bit warmer, uncork a bottle of Natura Merlot or Malbec organic wine, and tell stories by the campfire. Both of these organic wines pair well with milk chocolate- perfect for s’mores!

Outdoor Yoga

Grab your yoga mat and take your practice outside! Yogis originally did yoga outside in beautiful places, and they had the right idea. Stretching out while breathing in fresh air is incredibly refreshing, and it brings you closer to the original purpose of yoga: achieving unity with your surroundings.

We recommend practicing in a location that’s somewhat shady, with a pretty view. If you’re looking to connect even more with nature in your practice, ditch the mat and enjoy the foot-to-earth contact! Once you’ve built up a bit of a sweat, maybe cool off with a sip of some organic wine?

Planting Something

Celebrate the new season by planting something new and colorful in your environment. We recommend choosing plants that are native to your region, as they are more likely to thrive. Plus, native planting is what Natura practices in our vineyards- encouraging life and biodiversity.

If you live somewhere where it’s still too cold to plant something in your community, plant a tree for free in Natura’s forest in Patagonia. As part of our organic wine partnership with Reforest Patagonia, we’re planting 10,000 trees in the region, and one of them can be in your name! To plant your tree, visit the Reforest Patagonia tab on our Facebook page.

Spring Skiing

If you’re not ready yet to say “see you later” to your skis for the season, you can still get a few more runs in at Lake Tahoe, Breckenridge, Mt. Bachelor and Big Sky, which offer some of the best spring skiing in the United States. The resorts in these destinations thrive longer into the season thanks to their near-perfect weather and vast array of fun things to do. There’s something about skiing on a warm, sunny afternoon in shorts that feels like you’ve scored a few bonus points in life. Add a bottle of Natura’s organic wine, and you’ve got yourself a date!

What are your favorite things to do in spring? Does it involve a bottle of Natura’s organic wine?