10 Best Games for Dinner Parties


  • Natura Wines lists popular dinner party games to enjoy with sustainable wines.
  • Your dinner guests have finished oohing and awwing over your beef tagliata and arugula salad with sharp parmesan, perfectly paired with robust yet smooth Natura Cabernet Sauvignon. Now what? Keep the conversation, and wine, flowing with a few fun games.Our top picks:
    • Apples to Apples. A modern classic, this game requires quick and creative thinking. It  can be silly, quirky, but most of all, it’s a riot. (Tip: if you’ve never played,  watch a YouTube video – it’s easier to see how it works).
    • Scattergories.  Another word-based game, you’ll have to come up with items in a set of categories starting with the selected letter. The clock’s ticking!
    • Balderdash. Obscure words. Made-up definitions. Bluffing. Nonsense. This game has it all. Hilarity will ensue.
    • Clue. Bring back this old favorite – and better yet, after you find out it was Professor Plum with the wrench in the library, you can watch the campy Tim Curry film.
    • Trivial Pursuit. Another classic, you can bring Trivial Pursuit into the 21st century with an app version. Put all your knowledge into play!
    • Pictionary. Release your inner artist – and hope your guests can guess your word or phrase. In fact, it’s even better (or more funny) when drawing is not your forte.
    • Phrase. Before your guests arrive, write down an odd sentence: have you ever eaten aardvark? I’ve always wanted a unicycle. I eat 20 bananas a day. Use your imagination. Your guests have to use their phrase or sentence in conversation without being called out. If they can slip it in without anyone realizing it was their phrase, they win.
  • Celebrity. Have everyone write down the name of a celebrity – or historical figure – on a Post-it. Without looking, have them put their note on another guest’s forehead. They then have to figure out which celebrity they are by asking questions. The one who gets it with the least questions wins.
  • Sing Down. Split your guests into groups, and have a designated person choose a word. Teams have one minute to think of as many songs as possible using that word. Then, time’s up and it’s time to sing one of them!
  • Jenga – with a Twist. Embellish a Jenga set with fun or quirky challenges (you pick – it depends on your guests’ idea of fun!). Play as usual. If the stack falls when you put your blocks on top, you have to take two challenges. And, if it’s a drinking game, down your Natura Cabernet.


While it’s not a game, per se, you can add excitement to a dinner party by turning it into a mini tasting. Select your favorite sustainable wines and invite everyone to sample. This is a “game” that everyone wins! Whether you choose Apples to Apples or grapes to grapes, your next party is sure to be a memorable one.