Welcome explorers, adrenaline junkies, tree-huggers, big thinkers, hikers, bikers, and all-around fresh air lovers.

At the pure, bright and naturally-active world of Natura, we live and (literally) breathe fresh air. We believe that outdoorphins- the feelings of happiness and energy that one gets from being outside- are a vital part of a healthy life. That’s why we spend as much time as possible celebrating what the Earth has to offer, and are committed to doing our part to leave it a better place.

Outdoorphins are a quest, a statement, and a way of life. We realize it may not be possible to be with nature 24/7, so we created this section of our website just for you. Whether you need an adventure on a moment’s notice, or simply just a breath of fresh air, we invite you to join us as we uncork our outdoorphins and natural wine. So sit back, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

Friends toasting red wine at outdoor restaurant bar with open face mask
Is Red Wine Vegan?

Is Wine Vegetarian? Read The Labels on the Wine Bottle
Is Wine Vegan
How To Tell If Wine is Vegan?
Vegan White Wine
Is White Wine Vegan?
Branch of red wine grapes
Three Great Reasons to Drink Wines Made with Organic Grapes
Wines That Are Vegan
What Is Vegan Wine
Vegan Friendly White and Red Wine
Is Wine Vegan Friendly?
white and red glass of wine
What Wine is Gluten-Free?
Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle astrology and horoscopes
What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your Wine Taste?
Chocolate spread in spoon
What Wine Goes with Nutella?
Picnic at park with wine
Tips and Tricks for Packing the Perfect Picnic
wine glasses
How to Drink Wine on the Keto Diet
Wine Bottle On Its Side
3 Ways to Remove a Wine Cork Stuck Inside the Bottle - and How To Make Do Without a Corkscrew
romantic candles display
5 Ideas for Staying In On Valentine’s Day
making a heart in the sunset
3 Most Romantic Wines for Valentine’s Day
Yoga Pose On The Beach
5 Benefits of a Bedtime Yoga Routine
yoga class in session
5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga Daily
downward dog yoga pose
Should You Do the Same Yoga Routine Every Day?
A woman practicing one of the best types of yoga for anxiety
Best Types of Yoga for Anxiety
A man partaking in skydiving, one of the top adrenaline-pumping activities
Top 10 Adrenaline Pumping Activities
A woman realizing the benefits of chair yoga
Benefits of Chair Yoga

Natura Holiday Gift Guide: The Nature Lover

Natura Holiday Gift Guide: The Yogi

Natura Holiday Gift Guide: The Wine Lover
Emiliana Vineyards in Chile, where organic, biodynamic, and natural wines are produced
Organic vs. Biodynamic vs. Natural Wine
Natural Wine | Biodynamic Wines | Natura Wines of Chile
What Is Biodynamic Wine?
The Casablanca Valley wine region, one of the best wine regions in Chile
What Is the Best Wine Region in Chile?
How Wine Tastes | Biodynamic Winemaking | Natura Wines of Chile
Does the Moon Affect How Wine Tastes?
A woman sitting on the floor in her living room meditating correctly
How to Know if Meditation Is Working
A woman stretching to practice yoga injury prevention
Yoga Injury Prevention: 7 Tips
A bottle of one of Natura's organic wines laying in a patch of wildflowers
How Do You Know If a Wine Is Organic?
Natural wine brands | What is natural wine | Natura
Where to Buy Natural Wine
Keto Wine | Very Dry Red Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
What Are the Best Wines for Keto?
Hands toasting red wine and friends having fun cheering at winetasting experience
What Are the Most Popular Types of Wine?
Red Wine Being Poured Into a Stem Glass at the Table
What Are the 4 V's of Wine?
A man tilling in an organic vegan wine vineyard, showing the importance of soil in a vineyard
Why Soil Is So Important to a Vineyard
Pesticide-free wine grapes growing in one of the best organic wines' vineyards
Does Wine Contain Pesticides?
A bottle of Natura organic rosé wine clearly displaying the rosé wine vintage on the front label
Why Vintage Matters for Rosé Wine
A desert-like vineyard showing ideal conditions as revealed by these facts about Cabernet Sauvignon
Fun Facts About Cabernet Sauvignon
A large rock formation being reflected in a glass of low-carb wines
What Wine Has the Least Amount of Carbs?
Natural wine brands vineyard
Your Natural Wine Questions Answered
bottom of wine bottle
Why Do Wine Bottles Have Dimples on the Bottom?
A woman lying on a yoga mat face down while doing one of the best yoga poses for stress relief
Which Type of Yoga Is Best for Stress Relief?
A bee landed on a flower in a pollinator garden
Saving Endangered Species: What You Can Do
A young woman holding in her hands a pine tree sapling ready for planting to commemorate Arbor Day
Why Arbor Day Pairs Well with Natura
Wines for spring | Best spring wines | Natura
Best Spring Wines for 2020 and Beyond
Is Wine Vegan
Is Sauvignon Blanc Vegan?
Chilean Chardonnay Characteristics | Chilean Chardonnay Brands | Natura Wines
What Are the Characteristics of Chilean Chardonnay?
Unoaked White Wine | Moderate Unoaked Chardonnay | Natura Wines of Chile
How to Tell if Chardonnay Is Unoaked
Chilean Merlot Brands | Merlot Grapes | Natura Wines
How Chilean Merlot Saved Carménère
red wine
How to Choose Red Wine for Drinking
Wine Label
7 Things to Look for on a Wine Label
Chocolate and Wine Pairing: How to Get it Right
Best National Parks to Visit in Winter | Natura Wine
What Are the Best National Parks to Visit in Winter?
Nature in Winter | Natura Wines
How Do You Connect with Nature in Winter?
Winter Backpacking Destinations | Backpacking with Wine | Natura Wine
Where Should I Go Backpacking in the Winter?
Organic Wine Shelf Life | Natura Organic Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
Organic Wine Shelf Life
Clean Wines | Clean Wine Brands | Natura Wines of Chile
Clean Wines: What Are They?
Alpacas and Wine | Emiliana Organic Vineyards | Natura Wines of Chile
Why Have an Alpaca in a Vineyard?
Malbec Snack Pairing
What Do You Eat with Carménère Wine from Chile?
5 October Harvest Crops and Their Wine Pairings
Malbec Food Pairing Ideas | Organic Malbec Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
What Foods Pair Well with Malbec?
Characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon Wine | Organic Cabernet Sauvignon | Natura Wines of Chile
Organic Cabernet Sauvignon: What Are Its Characteristics?
Yoga vs. cardio | Benefits of yoga | Natura Wines of Chile
Yoga vs. Cardio
Seed Saving Techniques | Storing Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
Seed Saving for Beginners
Organic Practices | Organic Chilean Wine | Natura Wines
3 Organic Practices That Are Easy to Adopt
List of Crystals | Natural Wines | Natura Wines of Chile
Crystals for Nature Lovers
Peloton Yoga | Natura Wines of Chile
How Does Peloton Yoga Work?
BBQ Wine Pairing | What Wine Goes with BBQ | Natura Wines of Chile
The Best Summer BBQ and Wine Pairings
Aerial Yoga Beginners | Natura Wine of Chile
7 Tips for Aerial Yoga Beginners
Biodynamic Wine | Natura Wines | Best Biodynamic Wine
What Is Biodynamic Wine?
Does Wine Have Gluten?
What Makes the Coastal Wines of Chile So Special?
Is Organic Wine Sulfite Free?
Unoaked Chardonnay | Crisp White Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
What Is Unoaked Chardonnay?
New World Wine | Smooth Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
Old World vs New World Wine: What's the Difference?
Sauvignon Blanc Brands | Dry White Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
Is Sauvignon Blanc Dry?
Chilean Carménère | Carménère Wine | Natura Wines
Fun Facts About Chilean Carménère
Relax with Wine | Yoga Poses for Office Workers | Natura Wines of Chile
10 Yoga Poses for Office Workers
Wine to Relax | Most Relaxing Wine | Natura Wines of Chile
Finding Inner Peace with Wine
Regional Wine | Yoga for Travel | Natura Wines of Chile
7 Quick Tips on Yoga for Travel
Wine and Herbs | Food and Wine Harmony | Natura Wines
Wine and Herbs: Finding Food and Wine Harmony
Organic White Wine | Natural Wine Brands | Natura Wines
How to Make Organic White Wine Your Winter Friend
Resolutions for the New Year | Learn About Wine | Natura Wines
5 Yogi-Inspired Resolutions for the New Year
Best Wine to Bring to a Party | Wine Hostess Gift | Natura Wines
The Best Wine to Bring to a Party
Easy Entertaining | Wine for a Party | Natura Wines
10 Tips for Easy Entertaining
Wine and Unwind | Treat Yourself | Natura Wines
How to Stress Less This Holiday Season
Plan a Wine Adventure
How To Plan a Wine Adventure
Live Streaming Yoga Classes
The Yoga Of The Future
Popular Chardonnay
Why Is Chardonnay So Popular?
Nature Enthusiast | Natural Wine Brands | Natura Wines
The Best Jobs for a Nature Enthusiast
Enjoy Wine | Outdoor Wine Glasses | Natura Wine
How to Enjoy Wine Outdoors
Fall Hiking | Fall Wine | Natura Wines
7 Best Fall Hikes in the U.S.
What Wine Goes with What Food | Food and Wine Pairing Basics | Natura Wines
What Wine Goes with What Food
Drinking Red Wine Before Bedtime | Melatonin for Sleep | Natura Wines
Does Wine Make You Sleepy?
What Does Aerating Wine Do | How Long to Let Wine Breathe | Natura Wines
Why Do You Need to Aerate Wine?
Healthy Wine | Healthy Red Wine Brands | Natura Wines
How to Choose the Best Red Wine for Health
Organically Grown Grapes | Organic Wine Brands | Natura Wines
What Is Organic Wine?
SUP Yoga Benefits | Wine Lifestyle | Natura Wines
Why Try SUP Yoga This Summer
Chilean Wine | Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines
6 Ways to Pick the Right Wine Glasses
Natura Carmenere | Wine for Yogis | Natura Wines
4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine
Gifts for Dad | Natura Wines
DIY Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make in the Kitchen
Chilean White Wine | Natura Chardonnay | Natura Wines
How to Keep Wine Cool at the Beach
Organically Grown Wine | Natura Sauvignon Blanc | Natura Wines
6 Easy Ways to Host a Greener Summer Cookout
Green Wine | Natura Wines
Top 10 Bike Vacations in the U.S.
Wildflowers Green Wine | Natura Wines
Best Places to See Wildflowers in the U.S.
Zen Garden Natura Sauvignon Blanc
How to Make Your Own Little Zen Garden
Natura Wines Mom Wine Gift
10 Gift Ideas for Mom
Yogi Wine | Natura Wines
Why Has Yoga Become So Popular
Chilean Wine | Natura Carmenere
Carne Asada Hash Paired with Natura Carmenere
Organically Grown Wine | Natura
15 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
Green Wine | Natura Wines
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Wine
Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines
The 5 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in the US
Chilean Wines | Natura Wines
The 4 Warmest Places to Visit in the US During March
Organic Wine | Natura Rose
What to Get Your Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day
Yogi Wines | Natura Wines
Yoga Poses for Beginners
Organic Wine | Natura Wines
How to Make Your Own Herb Garden
hands holding green heart shaped tree
Why You Should Go Green in 2018
Wine for Yogis | Natura Wines
What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class
Green Wine | Natura Wines
Camping Must-Haves & Essentials
Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines
10 Ways to Live More Sustainably in 2018
Sustainable Wine | Natura Wines
Natura Wines Holiday​ ​Spiced​ ​Red​ ​Wine​ ​Cocktail​ ​Recipe
Green Wine | Natura Carmenere
Christmas​ ​Appetizers​ ​You​ ​Need
Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines
5​ ​Best​ ​Places​ ​to​ ​See​ ​Snow​ ​This​ ​Winter
Organically Grown Wines | Natura Chardonnay
Fall Plants that You Need
Organically Grown Wine | Green Wine
Maintaining a Biodynamic Co-dependency in our Vineyards
Chilean Wine | Natura Wines
The Best Wines to Try from Chile
Organically Grown Wines | Natura Rose
Rosé Season Isn’t Over! Why You Should Drink Rosé Year Round
Lamb chop recipe with Natura Carmenere sustainable wine.
Lamb Chops Sizzled with Garlic and Natura Carmenere Pairing
Natura Wines explains how to have the perfect picnic with organically grown wines.
How To Have A Perfect Picnic
Clearest Lakes in the US | Natura Wines
Top 10 Clearest Lakes in the US
Organic Girl baby spring mix salads and natura wines.
Sustainable Food & Wine Pairing OrganicGirl & Natura Wines
If you are a lover of green wine you'll love our plantable pencils.
Natura Wines Biodegradable Plantable Pencils
Pour yourself a glass of healthy wine and learn the basics of acroyoga.
Acroyoga for Beginners
Natura wines explains why you should go to wanderlust for sustainable wine.
Why You Need to Go to Wanderlust Festival
Natura Wiens is a green wine to drink while making terrariums.
DIY Terrariums
Crab and asparagus salad with natura chardonnay recipe.
Crab & Asparagus Salad with Chardonnay
Natura Wines explains the rise of Natura Rosé.
The Rise of Rosé
Natura Wines lists the 10 best food and wine festivals for organic wine.
The 10 Best Food & Wine Festivals in the US
Sustainable Wines | Natura Rose
Great Activities for Nature Lovers
Healthy Wine | Natura Wines
5 Things to Do Every Day -- For You
Healthy Wines | Natura Chardonnay
Top 5 Meditation Practices and Their Benefits
Organic Wines | Natura Wines
Natura Wines Organic-Biodynamic Vineyards (Info-graphic)
Natura Pinot Noir | Natura Wines
4 Reasons to Drink Chilean Wine

Discover the Story Behind Our Organic Vineyards: Why Sustainable Wines Matter
Emiliana Organic Vineyard | Natura Wines
Best Time of Year to Visit Emiliana Organic Vineyard in Chile for Wine Tasting
Sustainable Wines | Natura Rose
Best Campsites in the US
Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines
Why You Need to Try Goat Yoga
Natura Wines lists tips to go camping with wine.
Stay Toasty with Natura Wines (Campfire Edition)
pouring some white wine
Wine Pairings for Every Course
Natura Wines lists exotic yoga retreats to enjoy with sustainable wines.
Exotic Yoga and Wine Retreats
Natura Wines lists popular dinner party games to enjoy with sustainable wines.
10 Best Games for Dinner Parties
Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines
How to Backpack with Natura Wines
Pure Wines | Natura
7 Places You Can Take Natura Wine in the US
Cabernet Sauvignon | NAtura Wines
Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes Paired with Natura Cabernet Sauvignon
Carmenere Wine | Natura Wines
How to Bring Glamping to Your Backyard
Green Wines | Natura Wines
Almond Crusted Tilapia with Natura Chardonnay
Natura Cabernet | Natura Wines
How to Start Your Own Garden
Healthy Wines | Natura Wines
Lamb Lollipops with Mint Salt and Natura Carmenere
Pure Wines | Natura Wines
6 Incredible Places to Strike a (Yoga) Pose
Green Wines | Natura Wines
The Perfect Summer Pairing: Natura Rosé and Sushi
Sauvignon Blanc | Natura Wines
Natura in the City - America’s Top 10 City Parks
Organic Wine | Natura Wine
5 Tips for Choosing a Hiking Partner
Organic Wine | Natura Wine
5 Most “Instagram-able” National Parks
Natura Chardonnay | Natura Wines
Tips for Taking Better Nature Photos | Natura Wines
Green Wine | Natura Wines
Ways to Be a Greener Traveler | Natura Wines
Natural Wine | Natura Wines
Great Jobs for Outdoor Lovers
How to Host an Earth Day Wine Tasting Celebration
Natura Wines Partners with The National Forest Foundation to Plant 10,000 Trees
Natura Wines Partners with The National Forest Foundation to Plant 10,000 Trees
Go Live It
“Go Live It” Video Contest Winners
Natura & Easter Pairings
Natura & Easter Pairings (Infographic)
Gluten Free Flourless Black Bean Brownies Recipe
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples
Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Stay Warm (and Active) With Yoga This Winter
Stay Warm (and Active) With Yoga This Winter
Winter Camping With Natural Wine
5 Reasons to Go Camping in the Winter
Natura Wines Launches “Go Live It” Video Contest
Natura Wines Launches “Go Live It” Video Contest
Emiliana Named Winery of the Year by Wines of Chile
Emiliana Named “Winery of the Year” by Wines of Chile
Real Vs Fake Christmas Trees
Real Vs. Fake Christmas Trees
Grand Prize- Submitted by @Kristyn_Ross
Natura Wines & Glamping Hub Photo Contest Winners
Thanksgiving and Vegan Wine Pairings
Thanksgiving and Wine Pairings (Infographic)
Fall In Vermont
5 of Our Favorite U.S. Places to See Fall Foliage
Vegetable and Wine Pairings Infographic
Vegetable and Wine Pairings (Infographic)
Garlic and Basil Chicken
Glamping-Inspired Recipe: Garlic and Basil Chicken with Tomato Mozzarella Salad
6 Ways to Celebrate Organic Harvest Month
Dark Chocolate Coconut S’mores
Glamping-Inspired Recipe: Dark Chocolate Coconut S’mores
Salmon Wine Pairing Recipe
Glamping-Inspired Recipe: Lemony Dill Salmon with Roasted Vegetables
Take Natura's gluten-free wines with you on your next canoe trip this summer
17 Outdoor Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List
Beach at Hotel Del Coronado, CA
Take Natura Chilean Wine to these 6 Must-Visit Beaches in the U.S.
Natura Chilean Wine Guide to Glamping
Natura Vegan Wine: Guide to Glamping
Don't forget the wine and these items when you're in the great outdoors!
Camping Tips: How to Stay Warmer at Night with Natura Wine
Saving the planet with organic vegan wine
Natura Wines & Keep America Beautiful's Earth Day Initiatives
Get outdoors with organic wine
4 Outdoorsy Summer Date Ideas (Bring the Organic Wine!)
Natura Organic Wine
The Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine from Organic Grapes
Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Natura
Spring Outdoor Activities
4 Outdoor Spring Activities to Try with Organic Wine
10 US Places Every Nature Lover Must Visit
10 U.S. Places Every Nature Lover Must Visit
Share Your Love of the Outdoors, and Organic Wine, with Your Partner
Share Your Love of the Outdoors, and Organic Wine, with Your Partner
Food & WIne Pairing
Pairing Food and Organic Wine Flavors (Infographic)
Kids Outdoors
Why You Should Introduce Your Kids to the Outdoors Early (And How)